Month: March 2018

5 Tips when Choosing a Personal Trainer in Calgary

Let’s face it, trying to find a personal trainer ranks up there with some of life’s most difficult decisions. Choosing a college…starting a family…what to watch on Netflix this weekend? A good personal trainer should always be a good listener, explain why you are doing specific workouts/exercises and will always prescribe a plan that will …
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How Eating Better Makes You Feel Better

Nutrition is an individual journey. We owe it to ourselves to determine which foods and what style of eating works best for our bodies. Just like learning any new skill, nutrition takes practice. The goal should be to develop an approach to eating that makes you feel great, maintain a healthy body, and achieve your …
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Coconut Matcha Latte

You had me at… LATTE! Is there really anything better than the creamy foamy texture of a delicious latte? Maybe if we make it a pretty green colour with added health benefits! Green tea contains epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) which has been shown to be anti-obesity and anti-diabetic. EGCG may also provide protection from other degenerative diseases. …
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4 Myths about CrossFit That Might Surprise You

I won’t “fit” in. When you show up to a CrossFit gym, you’ll find a different scene than the one you saw on television. Guess what else? You might be farther along in your fitness journey than other people attending the class… It’s surprising, but one of the biggest factors keeping people from the gym …
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Why We Sleep…

Sleep is a restorative process not only for the brain but the whole body. It is one thing that many people take for granted with insufficient or disturbed sleep being extremely common. Current sleep recommendations for healthy individuals is 7-9 hours per night. Furthermore, research states that on average one needs a minimum of 7 …
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