Month: August 2018

4 Myths about CrossFit That Might Surprise You

I won’t “fit” in. When you show up at a CrossFit gym, you’ll find a different scene than the one you saw on television. Guess what else? You might be farther along in your fitness journey than other people attending the class… It’s surprising, but one of the biggest factors keeping people from the gym …
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5 Reasons To Find Your Tribe

The word tribe may conjure up the image of native Americans working together in a small village or a handful of cavemen chasing after a wooly mammoth with crude spears. Tribes have been an essential part of human existence for a long, long time. And guess what? Today they are more prevalent than they have …
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How To Master Your Mind

What do you think about during a workout? How heavy the weight feels? The daunting number of reps remaining or time left on the clock? A creaky knee or that shoulder that always flares up? Whether you’re in the gym to improve your health, gaining strength and conditioning for your sport, or you are an …
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