A little over two years ago, I joined the Bedrock Team as a Nutrition Coach. I enrolled in their Foundations program for my very first CrossFit experience. And I’ve been hooked since my first class!

I honestly wasn’t entirely sure what to expect (I’d watched the documentaries on Netflix) but I knew I had wanted to try it for years and never worked up the courage to walk through the door. Dawn and her team greeted me with open arms and invested in helping me get stronger.

I’ve learned a lot since joining Bedrock but I think the top 5 things that have stuck with me most are:

  1. Form first. Safety is Bedrock’s #1 priority. Which includes having movement standards to keep every single one of their athletes safe. I have spent many workouts working on perfecting my clean with an empty barbell. And I know CrossFit has a reputation of people getting injured, yes injuries can happen but they can also happen doing pretty much anything… ever hurt your back shovelling snow, bending down to pick something up, or getting out of bed in the morning?!? CrossFit has taught me how to engage muscles to better perform daily tasks so that I stay injury-free both inside and outside of the gym.
  2. You can adapt any workout. Just because a workout lists handstand pushups and bar muscle-ups that doesn’t mean you should skip it and head home to watch re-runs of Friends. Prior to starting CrossFit I had a shoulder injury and couldn’t lift a 5-lb dumbbell overhead without pain. So for over a year, I completely eliminated all overhead movements and worked on strengthening the muscles around my shoulder. And now with the help of the coaches at Bedrock, I PR’d 34-lb snatch 2 weeks ago! #progressisprogress
  3. It’s more than just another gym. Bedrock is a family. The community that comes along when you join Bedrock is truly amazing. I’ve made life long friends there and spend my weekends hanging out with friends I’ve met at Bedrock.
  4. When I miss a workout they care. I’m an avid noon classer and over the last two years, I’ve missed a hand-full of workouts. Which is always followed up by a message from a coach or a fellow Crossfitter saying that they missed me today. If they haven’t seen you in a week, they miss you, trust me!
  5. That I’m stronger than I think I am. I have a terrible habit of underestimating my ability. The coaches at Bedrock push me within my limitations and help me strive to do better. They encourage me to try lifting a little bit more (after I’ve perfected the form), to run a little bit faster, and to really just be my very best that I can be. A coach should lift you up and encourage you, which is exactly what you’ll find at Bedrock.

I highly encourage you to meet the team and book an introductory session with one of the coaches today.


Unit 104 - 620 46 AVE NE Calgary AB, T2E 8M9 Canada

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