The handstand hold is one the most undervalued movements in CrossFit. Its application and regular performance can produce better movement during any WOD.

This 90-minute workshop with Coach Dawn and Yoga Instructor, Marnie Harfield includes:
– How to properly warm up and prepare our bodies for handstand holds
– Proper body position for handstand holds
– How to strengthen and mobilize for handstand holds
– Mindset necessary to understand balancing on your hands
– 45 min will be spent exploring the benefits of the Critical Alignment Yoga Prop “The Black Strap” and how it will help you get into a stacked position in the Handstand
– 45 min will be spent on progressions to get you closer to a Handstand

Option 1: $50 & includes a black strap for you to take home.

Option 2: $30 no take home black strap (there will be straps available to borrow for the workshop)