Indoor rowing ​is ​the ​hottest ​trend ​in ​fitness! ​ ​Level ​up ​your ​career ​and ​your ​income ​by ​getting ​certified ​to ​teach ​rowing ​classes ​and ​coach ​personal ​training ​clients. ​ ​Or ​perfect ​your ​own ​rowing ​technique ​to ​hit ​your ​next ​PR. ​ ​

Rowing instructor, Katie Rosso Recker comes from a rowing family. Having rowers in her family meant that rowing was woven into the fabric of her everyday life. So it was no surprise when Katie started rowing in high school and then continued into college. Rowing turned into a passion for Katie due to its unique combination of technical skill, power, and connection with the other athletes and the water. In addition to studying at the American College of Sports Medicine, she has found herself racing at a high level once again, competing in masters rowing for Minneapolis Rowing Club. Rowing both on the water and indoors is beautiful, it is meditative, it is physically and mentally challenging, and it is something that she is excited to now be sharing with others!

This ​one-day ​class ​includes ​lecture, ​workouts ​and ​individualized ​coaching ​on ​your ​rowing ​technique, ​with ​workouts ​and ​skills ​drills. ​You ​can ​also ​earn ​CECs ​for ​ACE ​and ​other ​certifications (Up ​to ​.9 ​ACE ​CECs ​available). You will receive a certification at the end of this course. ​

Elements ​covered:
– ​Fundamentals ​of ​workouts ​for ​group ​classes ​& ​individuals
– ​Coaching ​progression, ​how ​to ​teach ​others
– ​Proper ​technique ​and ​drills ​
– ​How ​to ​spot ​and ​correct ​common ​errors
– ​How ​to ​reach ​peak ​performance ​faster
– ​How ​to ​adapt ​your ​on-water ​experience ​to ​the ​indoor ​rowing ​scene
– ​Maintenance ​of ​the ​rowing ​machine
– ​Sample ​workouts

Saturday, February 2nd, 2019 @ 11:00 am – 7:00 pm

Class ​size ​is ​limited ​so ​reserve ​your ​spot! ​ ​
Cost: ​US$345
Early ​Bird: ​US$295 ​(Until ​Jan. ​12)