Success Stories

Skyler McIndoe

3 years doing CrossFit

It’s where you want to be!

Sara Leishman

1 years doing CrossFit

I am totally impressed with Bedrock CrossFit, since joining in Nov 2016, based on the recommendation of friends. As a former rugby player turned runner I had a lot of small but nagging injuries, that required “tune ups” at the chiro a few times a month. My plan was to do the Foundations class to take a break from winter running for a month, and then go back to my usual. After my first class I was hooked- THIS was what my body needed. One hour a few times a week and I have seen more gains in strength and overall fitness than I have in years of running/swimming/yoga/spin. It is major bang for your (time) buck. Bonus: my running times are way faster AND I haven’t needed any chiro “tune ups” so far (almost 3 months). I am super appreciative of the attentiveness of the coaches as they scale the workouts to suit my body’s quirks and are diligent on supervising form. I can push my limit without risking new injury or aggravating old ones. It truly is a community, the coaches and members are so supportive and friendly- so happy to be a part of it! I have been telling anyone who will listen about BedRock and I’m just getting started!

The Chan Family

1 years doing CrossFit

Our family has been at Bedrock for over a year, with my wife joining first. Initially, when she joined the Foundations program, I did not give Crossfit much thought. It wasn’t until February 2017 that I decided to give it a try after attending an open house session. At that point, I was playing recreational hockey on and off, and the gym a lot more off than on. I was ready for change and challenge.

As I progressed through the month of Foundations and then moving into the regular classes, I found I really started to enjoy the community and programming of the classes. I had no expectations going in, but quickly I was motivated by the new skills I was learning, along with the physical and mental strength. All the coaches at Bedrock are encouraging and ensure the movements are performed safely – they are always available with scaling and modifications to accommodate every athlete’s level and condition.

We have been very happy with Bedrock, our children attend the Lil Boulders and Rockheads classes and we all have a shared interest (mom and dad also have looser fitting clothes now too!). I feel fitter and healthier than I ever have before and feel inspired to reach new goals. Joining Crossfit and Bedrock has been a challenging, rewarding, and humbling experience so far!

Lee Hanson

1 years doing CrossFit
Lee Hanson Lee Hanson

I tried out crossfit to mix up my long distance running training. I tried a different CF gym and was thrown in the deep end. The energy and atmosphere were nice but lack of coaching combined an enthusiastic athlete extremely lacking in technique led to sadly predictable results. I ended up having to take time off from running, two steps backwards! It took some recommendations from friends and a meeting with coaches Dawn and Slywia to convince me to give it another shot. Their foundations program gave me the environment I needed to pick up technique, assess some strengths and weaknesses, and further my running goals. Once past the first month of foundations the work out intensity increased, at a self directed pace with individual coaching attention that borders on personal training. The focus of the workouts has replaced hours of running and yielded impressive results on race day.

Makrina Morozowski

1 years doing CrossFit
Makrina Morozowski Makrina Morozowski

As an athlete with a disability (adaptive athlete), typical fitness facilities were unable to meet my adaptive needs and support the goals that I had. I was welcomed into the Bedrock community from the time I entered the gym and it has been an incredible year and a half of fitness, fun, hard work, and personal records and improvement. The coaches at the gym support and strengthen the abilities I have, but also challenge me on my weaknesses. Since I have started I have noticed an improvement in strength, flexibility, mobility, and balance. These changes are noticed in my adaptive sports, such as wheelchair basketball, and in my life. This last week I was able to hold my 3-year-old cousin (with no supports) and was able to sit down with him while holding him. All of the coaches and staff are incredible and support an incredible community.


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